Anti-Skid Trucks

Twin 750kg Diesel fired Horizontal Pre-Heaters.

We also supply Diesel fired 1250 ltr  Cold Applied Pre-Heaters.

Bespoke Body built to customers own specifications.

Hydraulics either run of Lorry Engine Drive or Donkey Engine.

Thermoplastic Screed Trucks / Feeder Lorries

Twin or Single Thermostat controlled Diesel fired Pre-Heaters. 25/40/60/gallon. With or without Hydraulic Lift system.

Bespoke Body Built to your own specifications.

Can be supplied with canopy, Pram carrier, Compressor stand, Gas and Sign racks, Deck mounted cranes, etc, etc You Decide.

Line Marking Trailers


Various Options.


Diesel fired, Micro-stat controlled,



Cold Applied

Hydraulic Lift systems

Power packs

Can be supplied with or without 24v charge and supply system.

Hand Mould Heaters

Supplied with Jug shelf and replaceable Burner Bar.

Vehicle and Equipment Re-furbs and Servicing.

Line Marking Equipment